Prepare Yourself for Hurricane Season

Here we go again! Check your batteries, water and canned food supplies because the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane season is officially underway. The busiest part of hurricane season is typically in August and September, and ends on November 30th. The NOAA Atlantic Hurricane Season forecast calls for 9 to 15 named storms, 4 to 8 hurricanes, and 1 to 3 major hurricanes.

Since South Florida hasn’t seen a devastating storm since Hurricane Wilma hit in 2005, emergency managers worry that many people won’t take the time to stock on supplies and have a plan in place in case we are threatened with a storm.

Being prepared is the key. Below you will find some safety/preparation tips:

  • Have an evacuation plan before a warning is issued to identify a safe shelter and a route to get there.
  • Should you not need to evacuate your home for the duration of the hurricane, plan to keep canned food, bottled water, first-aid supplies, battery-operated radios and flashlights on hand, important documents, road maps, and a full tank of gasoline.
  • Secure your home: use storm shutters or plan to board up windows.
  • Check your property’s exterior: secure lawn furniture.
  • Secure any watercraft on the property.
  • Stay indoors at all times, close interior doors, secure exterior doors.
  • As a storm unfolds, listen to local authorities on radio or television.
  • If forced to weather a storm, get inside the most secure building possible and stay away from windows.
  • Remember that you should wait for authorities to announce that the danger has passed before you go out again.

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