Florida Garage Liability Insurance

Are you looking for garage liability insurance coverage?

Garage liability insurance is the type of insurance policy coverage that protects you and your shop from any liability claims that may be made to clients or to passersby in the course of your operations. Garage liability insurance typically protects the premises on which your shop is located and any or all of the spaces within it. It can also cover any of the things that your shop or garage produces or repairs, depending upon the nature of that product or the length of time between the repair and the time of claim.


Garage liability insurance will protect you in the event of an accident that causes injury to a customer, to an employee or to a passerby on your premises. The amount that the policy pays out depends greatly on the level of your coverage, your premium and your deductible, but all of this can be hashed out during the drafting of your policy.

Claims Of Negligence During Repair

Garage liability insurance will also protect you from claims of negligence and the use of defective or improper parts or installation procedures during the operation of your business. If your client files a claim against your shop for using faulty parts or for incompetent service, you will be covered up to your policy coverage.

Discrimination Claims

If one of your employees or prospective employees ever files a claim of discrimination against you or one of your managers at your garage, this type of insurance will also protect you. It does not matter what form of discrimination is claimed.

Injury For Employees Or For Customers And Passersby

This type of insurance will also cover any injuries and liability claims filed by your employees, customers or passersby during the course your operations, up to the amount of coverage you purchase.

Company Owned Vehicles

Garage liability insurance will also cover damage and theft that occurs to vehicles that are owned by the shop and that occur on company business.

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