Florida Excess Liability Insurance & Umbrella Insurance

Should your business have excess liability & umbrella insurance coverage?

Excess Liability Insurance & Umbrella Insurance is an additional layer of protection against many different types of liability claims that could potentially be filed against you in the course of your business operations. If a customer or an employee of your is injured on your property during business hours, chances are the basic liability coverage will not cover you completely if the injury or the damages are extensive.

This is where excess liability coverage or umbrella coverage comes in handy. It is an additional level of coverage that can help cover the damages from claims that your initial insurance policy cannot pay. And, since it is under the auspices of an additional policy, the premium itself will not likely be all that high, but that really depends on the nature of your business, the amount of coverage you require and all of that.

Excess liability insurance or umbrella insurance is an incredibly useful type of coverage that can bridge the gap between what basic insurance will cover and what many damage claims actually require. With a floundering economy and the price of everything rising, damage claims are rising with them. Traditional insurance is simply not enough to protect your business.

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