Florida Business Owners Package (BOP) Policy

Should your business have business owners package (BOP) insurance coverage?

A Business Owners Policy, known as BOP, combines the best of liability coverage with the best business coverage to create an over-arching, comprehensive policy.

Unfortunately, in these troubled economic times, one of the very first things to go in order to trim the fat is commercial and business insurance coverage. Even though these policies are highly effective at offering you and your business the protection that it needs for the long term interests of your business, they can be expensive. But it is vitally important that you maintain the much needed protection of your company’s long term financial interests by obtaining an array of policies.

In fact, in an effort to save you and your company money, there is a wonderful option out there to offer you a bundle package on commercial or small business insurance. Through the purchase and procurement of a business owners package policy (BOP), you can obtain all of the basic forms of insurance all in one comprehensive policy.

There is much, much more to a BOP Policy in Florida. The best way to understand how it will protect your business is to call us today or Request a Quote and we’ll discuss your unique situation.

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