Florida Builders Risk Insurance

Should your business have builders risk insurance coverage?

Builders risk insurance is a special type of property insurance which assures against damage to buildings while they are under construction. Miami builder risk insurance is a coverage that protects a person’s or company’s insurable interest in materials and equipment that is being used during a renovation of a building. If any of the items are lost or damaged during this event they will be covered.

Builder’s Risk Insurance coverage is typically only active during the construction period, and is intended to terminate when work has been completed and the property is ready for use or occupancy.

Builders’ Risk Insurance Can Protect You And Your Company From:


This type of insurance protects against any accidental fires that occur during the construction phase, and any acts of arson that is not perpetrated by the owner of the property.


Builders’ risk insurance also protects against the theft or loss of any of the materials involved in constructing the building, or in any of your own equipment that is used during the construction phase.


This type of insurance also protects against random acts of vandalism that may occur on the job site either on hours or off hours, when there is no one watching or protecting the job site.

Lightning, Violent Winds And Storms

Builders’ risk insurance also indemnifies you and your company against the damage wrought by lightning strikes, violent winds and any storms that are serious enough to cause significant damage (except hurricanes, which require separate coverage).

The biggest benefit to procuring a policy for builders’ risk insurance is that it protects your financial and material interests during the construction phase of a proposed project, when you are most liable for anything that goes wrong. If a piece of equipment is going to get stolen from you, chances are it will be when it is on the job site. Likewise, if 500 feet of copper wire is stolen or 20 sheets of drywall are vandalized, chances are that will be occurring on the job site as well. Builders’ risk insurance is an invaluable measure meant to protect your financial and material interests in a project until you have completed the construction on it.

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