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Protect your business assets and meet your insurance requirements with our wide selection of insurance options. The top-rated companies that we represent provide a variety of insurance plans, including

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Miami Business Insurance & Commercial Insurance Miami

The success of a business is largely dependent on hard work and ingenuity. However, no matter how industrious you are, one disaster can wipe out all your profits and potentially destroy your business.

It is for this reason business owners often rely on key advisors to help them make informed decisions about the future of their company. One such key advisor should be Miami business insurance company, EnTrust Insurance who understands the uniqueness of your business and the potential risks it may encounter.

If you need insurance for business or Miami small business insurance, EnTrust Insurance recognizes the overwhelming task business owners face when trying to choose a commercial insurance Miami program therefore we have dedicated agents who exclusively work with our business insurance Miami customers.

Our agents will take the time to discuss your concerns and assess your liabilities and risks so that they may provide a customized insurance coverage program to meet your unique business needs.

Here are examples some of the businesses that we can insure:

Day Care Centers, Schools, Offices, Construction Contractors, Condominiums, HOA’s, Consultants, Employment Agencies, Surveyors, Printers, Publishers, Real Estate Agents, Appraisers, Travel Agencies, Bars, Clubs, Bakeries, Restaurants,Manufacturers, Home Health Care Agencies, Lab Technicians, Nurses, Therapists, Hotels & Motels, Laundromats, Grocery Stores, Health Clubs, Exterminators, Firework & Christmas Tree Stands, Flea Markets, Security Guards, Car Washes, Tanning Salons, Dump Truck Operations, Trucking, Hauling, Taxis, Limousines,Tour Buses, Auto Auctions, Car Dealers, Body Shops, Service Stations, and many more.

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